Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Interesting Day!

Hi Everyone,
In each post now I decided that before I talk about my health issues, I will talk about my inspirations and hero's.

My first hero today is Aron Ralston. Aron is a young man who went mountain rock climbing one day and his are got stuck in a rock for several hours. He ended up losing his arm. Aron has a lot of strength and courage. He is a true hero! He has book out called A rock and a hard place that came out a few years ago telling his story. Now he made a movie of his story and it just came out today. It is called 127 hours.

My second hero today is a guy I met today. His name is Joe and he is in his seventies which is a lot older than me. Joe, is in a Seniors hospital. He is so amazing and he inspires me. Joe, like me has a lot of health problems, and he is so full of life, and smiles! I decided that after meeting him, I am going to visit him each week and even more times. I am also going to make him some cookies, with my life skills worker. Joe is a true hero!

Now for health issues:

I am in alot of pain in my tummy still and my head is in majour pain. Today my mom and I went to see the bladder doctor that did my operation. He actully made us both frusterated. He told my mom that I have had re ocurrant bladder infections but I have never had any. Then he said I didn't have Intersistial Cysitis, but dr. Trisman said I had it. He said that it goes by symptoms, so he named the symptoms and I told him I had all the symptons, so I must have it. So he perscribed me with some meds for it. he also wants me to have a bladder sample done, and a ultersound for the kidneys. he has no idea about the bleeding though, So we have to wait to see wheat the other two specialists have to say.
Anyone who wants to see my website it is: http://www.miraclechamp.webs.com

Monday, February 28, 2011

Smiling through the pain

Hi Everyone,
Today I went to school for half a day, but I kept falling asleep because of my meds. I am in a lot of pain today. My tummy really hurts. I am having problems breathing lately even though I use my puffer.
That's all for now. Jenna

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hi Everyone,
well I haven't been feeling really well lately, I am on some of my meds I haven't been on for a while and it is making me feel really tired. My jaw has been in a lot of pain, and I feel sick to my stomache. Christmas is next week and I can't wait! I am getting really excited. I had a Christmas party at my school today, it was fun. No work just fun!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Keep Smiling

Things are tough like always but I keep positive. Having a terminal disease is hard but I keep going. I have a lot of pain and it is hard at times. I keep getting sick to my tummy because of my medication. I keep having close calls where I almost lose my battle. My breathing isn't that great. I have had 26 operations going on 27. I was supposed to have an operation on the 26th of November in the private clinic but they cancled it because the anethiesologist didn't want to do it. If we would have known that four months ago I could have been on the wait list already for the hospital now I have to wait a year. I keep trying to keep positive through all of this. I love hockey, and i am pretty active with the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Kamloops Blazers. I have friends on the Blue Jackets and the Blazers. Everytime the Blue Jackets come to Vancouver BC. Canada I get free tickets to see them play and I get to go down stairs after the game and meet the players.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Life Might be tough, but I am tougher!

This is my first attempt at a blog. This is my first blog I have ever done. So here it goes. Most of you probably don't know me, so I will tell you what has been happening in my life as of right now. I have 12 diseases, and I also have some developmental delays, which makes me what is called a self advocate. I have had 25 operations so far, and I am going to have to have number 26 soon. With my bone disease, my bones eventually wear out and stop working. In 2004 that is exactly what happened. My bones in my jaw eventually stopped working, and disinegrated, and there was nothing left of them. Meaning for five years before my transplant I could not eat a thing, just mushy foods and liquids cause I couldn't chew. I went to North Carolina in 2004 for total titanium implants in both of my jaws. Keep in mind that I live in BC. Canada.

Now the recent issues I am dealing with is: In the Summer time, I was staying with a care giver while my parents were away. This caregiver knew about my bones, but decided to stick my dvd player in my back pack without telling me. She handed me the back pack and I went to put it on my back and it swung and smacked me in the jaw. Well as it turns out, the real bone holding my titanium implant together has broke. So right now there is nothing holding the titanium implant. I am in so much pain. Anyways, my doctor that did the transplant, in North Carolina, well he has now moved to Dallas Texas. So in December my mom and I are making are first trip to Dallas. First we have to go down for a ct scan and to see the doctor, then we have to come back home, and go back for the operation. So that is where we are at right now. Mean while I am in so much, I can still talk though which is amazing.
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