Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Keep Smiling

Things are tough like always but I keep positive. Having a terminal disease is hard but I keep going. I have a lot of pain and it is hard at times. I keep getting sick to my tummy because of my medication. I keep having close calls where I almost lose my battle. My breathing isn't that great. I have had 26 operations going on 27. I was supposed to have an operation on the 26th of November in the private clinic but they cancled it because the anethiesologist didn't want to do it. If we would have known that four months ago I could have been on the wait list already for the hospital now I have to wait a year. I keep trying to keep positive through all of this. I love hockey, and i am pretty active with the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Kamloops Blazers. I have friends on the Blue Jackets and the Blazers. Everytime the Blue Jackets come to Vancouver BC. Canada I get free tickets to see them play and I get to go down stairs after the game and meet the players.


Pat said...

You are an amazing young woman. I found your blog when I read your comment on Will Lacey's father's blog. Will is a wonderful boy and his family is amazing. They are friends of ours. I wish you well and will continue to follow your story. Keep up the optimism.
Pat :)

April said...

Thank you for saying "Hi" on Caleb's wink from heaven blog! I am so proud of you for being positive even when things are challenging!!